for Companies

As your “end-to-end” enterprise value enhancer, we jump in and deliver ideas that are immediately actionable:

  • Due diligence.  Off-load major portions of this work to us.  Our sweet spots include Marketing, Sales, Organizational Assessment, Finance, IT, and Operations.
  • Auctions.  The only winner is the buyer who sees “low hanging watermelons” that others don’t seeenabling him to pay a half or full turn premium, while still showing top-quartile IRR’s.
  • 100-Day Plans. To jump-start your short Hold Period and IRR, there’s no substitute for a highly detailed and timelined 100-Day Plan.  The IRR clock is ticking. .  .
  • New Revenue. Discover new channels, products, and customers, and expand your global footprint.
  • Process Improvement. We optimize operations—from basic workflow simplification, to all-out Lean Manufacturing.
  • An extra set of eyes on a book. Our experience across a wide cross-section of categories and channels enables us to ‘see around corners’ and find new revenue streams.
  • Exit Planning.  Let hell freeze over before selling your portfolio for 7.0X to a Financial buyer. We’ll help you find the synergies and integration opportunities for which 10.0X “feels like” 4.0X.

We work on short-term and/or committed engagements, as your business requires:

  • Projects.  We can work on a discrete project basis, providing any of the above services.
  • Interim C-Suite Managers.  Our Partners can step in and be fully operational at 8:00 AM tomorrow. We have access to a ready battery of seasoned and proven leaders.
  • Outside Directors. Many of our Partners are steeped in Governance, in addition to their own CEO/C-Level experience. They enthusiastically serve as Outside Directors, overseeing execution of the right Strategic agenda and being a “friend-of-the-firm”— while maintaining independence.

Our successes include the following examples, among many more:

  • We recently showed a PE firm how it could increase a target company’s run-rate from $53 million revenue (and $9.4 million EBITDA) to $82 million revenue (and $16 million EBITDA)—within 12 months and with no capital investment.
  • One of our Partners profitably expanded Pizza Hut’s global presence from 68 to 92 countries, over merely two years.
  • Recently, we wrote the Global Strategic Plan for a US-only fast food chain.