We are wired to increase enterprise value by:

  • Accelerating Profitable Revenues
  • Enhancing Margins
  • Expanding Multiples
  • Top-Grading
  • Planning & Executing Strategic Exits
  • Serving as Interim CEO or other C-Suite management, or Independent Directors

for Companies

As your “end-to-end” enterprise value enhancer, we jump in and deliver ideas that are immediately actionable:

  • Due diligence.  Off-load major portions of this work to us.  Our sweet spots include Marketing, Sales, Organizational Assessment, Finance, IT, and Operations.
  • Auctions.  The only winner is the buyer who sees “low hanging watermelons” that others don’t seeenabling him to pay a half or full turn premium, while still showing top-quartile IRR’s.
  • 100-Day Plans. To jump-start your short Hold Period and IRR, there’s no substitute for a highly detailed and timelined 100-Day Plan.  The IRR clock is ticking. .  .
  • New Revenue. Discover new channels, products, and customers, and expand your global footprint.
  • Process Improvement. We optimize operations—from basic workflow simplification, to all-out Lean Manufacturing.
  • An extra set of eyes on a book. Our experience across a wide cross-section of categories and channels enables us to ‘see around corners’ and find new revenue streams.
  • Exit Planning.  Let hell freeze over before selling your portfolio for 7.0X to a Financial buyer. We’ll help you find the synergies and integration opportunities for which 10.0X “feels like” 4.0X.

We work on short-term and/or committed engagements, as your business requires:

  • Projects.  We can work on a discrete project basis, providing any of the above services.
  • Interim C-Suite Managers.  Our Partners can step in and be fully operational at 8:00 AM tomorrow. We have access to a ready battery of seasoned and proven leaders.
  • Outside Directors. Many of our Partners are steeped in Governance, in addition to their own CEO/C-Level experience. They enthusiastically serve as Outside Directors, overseeing execution of the right Strategic agenda and being a “friend-of-the-firm”— while maintaining independence.

Our successes include the following examples, among many more:

  • We recently showed a PE firm how it could increase a target company’s run-rate from $53 million revenue (and $9.4 million EBITDA) to $82 million revenue (and $16 million EBITDA)—within 12 months and with no capital investment.
  • One of our Partners profitably expanded Pizza Hut’s global presence from 68 to 92 countries, over merely two years.
  • Recently, we wrote the Global Strategic Plan for a US-only fast food chain.

for Individuals

Landing Board Seats is a comprehensive one-on-one program designed to make yourself marketable as a serious candidate for a Board of Director position.  The customized approach is tailored to each individual’s background, experience, and Board expectations.  The goals are to:

  • Carefully develop a marketing plan that enhances your attractiveness as an Outside Director candidate, and
  • Build your confidence to deliver the knock-out punch in the interview process.

The methodology takes each individual through the following process:

  1. Understanding your reasons for seeking Board work
  2. Creating a path to muscle-build your Board credentials
  3. Crafting your messaging, e.g.:
    • Your Board Bio (different than your standard Bio)
    • Your Board resume (different than your resume)
    • Your LinkedIn profile (beyond outbound marketing, you want to be “found” by recruiters)
    • Your value proposition
    • Your elevator speech
  4. Going to market
    • Discovering and targeting Board opportunities
    • Charting your “Skills Map” (describing how you fill a Board’s functional or experience void)
    • Refining crisp and natural answers to critical interview questions

Typically, the curriculum entails seven hours of one-on-one work, broken up into 1 to 2 hour sessions.  Between sessions, some “homework” is involved.

Mike Lorelli conducts all programs himself. Mike’s background includes two assignments as a PepsiCo division president. He has been on the Boards of three publicly held companies and chaired three Compensation Committees. He also has served on seven private Boards. He is currently on the Boards of CP Kelco, iControl, Rita’s Franchise Company, and Axxun. He has an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, and a Bachelor of Engineering from NYU’s School of Engineering and Science. Mike is Masters level certified with both NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors), and The American College of Corporate Directors (ACDG).

For additional information about the services we provide to individual candidates, see our Faster Landings site.